Looks like no HYBRID Acura TL in 2009, but Maybe Diesel?

Looks like Acura isn't planning on creating a Hybrid version of the Acura TL.

Dick Colliver (VP Acura) said this at the Chicago Auto Show. Maybe they have a Diesel Powered TL in mind? Reports out say that Honda has a Diesel Accord that can get up to 75 MPG with ample power. Wouldn't that be something? The big challenge will be to get American buyers to thing about Diesel powered cars over Hybrid. Acura also has 2.2 Ltr Diesel that is a four cylinder that is probably too small for the TL. The upcoming year (supposedly the year of the Diesel) should tell on what Acura does.

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C L said...

I'm hearing only the TSX is coming out with a diesel for 2009 and it won't be available until Spring. Does anyone know if there will be a TL diesel for 2009. I'm trying to decide how long to wait on a diesel but hate to wait another year.

Any info is appreciated.