2009 Acura TL

Features for the 2009 Acura TL:

Engine: 280hp 3.5L VTECH V-6 or for the TL SH-AWD 305hp 3.7L VTECH V6

All-Wheel Drive: SH-AWD transfers 70% of engine torque to the rear wheels on hard acceleration and 100 percent of the rear power to the outside wheel for turning precision.

Acuralink : real-time traffic and weather

Radio: 10 Speaker, 440 Watt Surround System with CD, XM, Ipod, USB Flash Drive, HARD DRIVE or DVD Audio Discs

Hard Drive Storage: 2500 songs, plus the NAVI system, plus it can even store pictures to display on the NAVI screen

8 Inch VGA High Resolution Video Screen (display your own photos as wallpaper)

Keyless Entry

EPA Fuel Mileage: 18/26 and 17/25 (AWD)

HP/Torque: 280 hp /254 tq and 305 hp / 273 tq (AWD)

Trans: 5 Speed Auto - sportshift , F1-style paddle shifters and Grade Logic Control


Bhavin said...

Even though HDD feature sounds good. It only allows storing songs that it rips from audio cd. So if you put CD/DVD with MP3, you can store them to HDD. Also can't move mp3s from USB or IPOD to HDD.

So basically if you are like me with 1000s of songs, there is no way you can use HDD unless you create audio CDs which will store 12-20 songs a time and move them.

Another drawback of Navigation system is it only allows one view (Aerial View). Cannot change that view to 3D or so.

Just bought a new TL 2 weeks back and disappointed with this drawbacks as no one talks about them.

Munir said...

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